Traveling With Your Dog

Tips and tricks to make the journey enjoyable.

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Traveling With Your Dog

Dogs are not just pets, they are part of our family! So it’s obvious that many people try to organize their vacation in a way that their dogs can join the family fun as well. But before you go, it’s recommended to take a look at the rules of traveling with dogs and the requirements of the destination, accommodation etc. Moreover, you need to be prepared when you travel with your dog: vaccination certificate, passport, toys, food, poop bags, sleeping pillow and anything else your dog needs for daily life – yes, these should also fit in the suitcase. In this article, you will find useful tips and tricks to make traveling easier for dogs and pet parents as well.

Traveling by car

Needless to say: traveling with your dog is fun. You can explore new places and gather great memories together. But for the safety of all passanger, special equipment is needed. For small dogs, a simple carrier can be used. For larger canine companions, a box can be used, which can be made of steel or durable plastic, depending on the size of the dog. This boksz can be securely fastened in the boot or – in case of a smaller box - even on the front or back seat. A durable metal box can also provide more safety for the dog in case of an accident.

In bigger cars, dogs can also be transported freely in the boot, but in this case it is advisable to install a grid or net to separate the dog from the other passengers. The main function of the grid or net is to prevent the dog from climbing over the seats. Another option is the special dog seatbelt. This is recommended for smaller dogs only. Dog seatbelt should always be used with a proper harness (never use it with collar!). This special seatbelt has the same function as of the human version. It protects the dog from injuries in case of sudden braking.

To avoid frequent cleaning of the car, it’s recommended to use a blanket to protect upholstery from dog hair and dirt.

Traveling by plane

Traveling by plane is always stressful, and it’s even more stressful when you travel with your dog. But if you prepare accordingly, the level of stress can be reduced effectively. Your dog may travel in the cabin or in the luggage compartment, depending on the airline’s specifications. Did you know? It is becoming more and more common for dogs weighing less than 5 kg to be allowed on board. Do not feed for 6-8 hours before the flight. Many pet parents sedate dogs before traveling but it’s not recommended if you travel by plane. The effects are only felt for a short time and may cause blood clots due to changes in air pressure. Remember: your dog must have a unique identification (chip or tattoo), which is very important because dog passport is not valid without such ID.

Food on-the-go: what to feed your dog when you are traveling?

Have you ever felt stressful about what to feed your dog when you are traveling, especially if your dog is on a raw or homecooked diet? Food safety is of utmost importance even when you are on the go, but the good news is, Revive&Thrive dog food is perfectly fit for any journey you will go on with your furry friend. Our dog food is air-dried and full of nutritious ingredients, which make it the perfect on-the-go food for your pup.

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