How To Protect Your Dog During the Hot Summer Days?

Read top tricks to save your dog friend in summers.

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How To Protect Your Dog During the Hot Summer Days?

The hot summer days will soon be upon us again, and during this period we need to pay even more attention to our four-legged friends. In some cases the sun is already blazing in the morning, but around midday the heat is unbearable for many of our canine companions. Fortunately, with a few tricks you can make sure that your dog can cope with the hot weather.

Many people don't know that, unlike humans, dogs can only regulate heat through their paws and tongue. However, this surface area is not enough to regulate the temperature of the whole body, so they pant to keep their thermoregulation in balance. Of course, this is often not enough when serious heat waves strike. For this reason, we need to provide other options for dogs to avoid one of the most common life-threatening conditions caused by heat: heat stroke.

What is heat stroke and how can you avoid it?

Heat stroke is a serious health condition. When heat stroke occurs – mostly when the weather is extremely hot or when you overexercise your dog in hot weather – the body cannot regulate its temperature properly, and temperature rises uncontrollably while sweating mechanism fails. Combined with dehydration, heat stroke can be fatal, if left untreated. Some of the most common signs of heat stroke are heavy panting, excessive drooling, drowsiness, loss of coordination and vomiting.

Now let’s see what you can do to avoid heat stroke! For example, setting up a parasol in the garden or on the terrace can be helpful. Dogs can also use the shade of trees or bushes to cool down. Cooling mats are also an option to provide a cool place for your dog. These mats are usually filled with gel or water and can be easily cooled in the freezer. Some of them are activated with pressure when the dog lies on it. It’s also a good idea to draw the curtains or lower the blinds at home to prevent getting too hot inside. At night you can let warm air out by opening all the windows and doors.

Those who do not have access to green areas or do not have a garden can keep their dogs in an air-conditioned room and schedule walking times before sunrise or after sunset when the temperature is much more acceptable both for humans and for dogs. Eating ice cream is also a great way to cool down, and believe it or not, dogs can have ice cream too – and they love it! Of course, the ice cream should be dog-friendly, ice cream made for humans can contain sweeteners like sugar and birch sugar (known as xylitol), which can be very toxic to dogs. The good news is you can make dog-friendly ice cream easily at home. Some of the most common ingredients are plain, unsweetened, unflavoured yogurt, unsalted broth or water.

Yes, a huge ice cube made of water is a great snack to cool down your pup. Choose the ingredient you prefer, and freeze in ice trays. When you are taveling, you should never leave your dog in the car, especially during summer. The temperature can reach extremely high levels in a matter of seconds, which can be fatal for your furbaby.

When it comes to heat stroke, we should talk about dehydration and hydration as well. When the dog is panting, more air is pressed onto the mucous membranes. This evaporates moisture, which helps the dog cool down. The more the dog panting, the more moisture is lost. Therefore, proper hydration is very important when the weather is hot. You can encourage your dog to drink by giving water or showing the water bowl.

Another great way to fight the heat is to bathe. If you don’t have access to lakes or rivers near your home, don’t worry, there are many other ways to keep your dog’s fur wet. A dog pool or a splash toy provides entertainment and water at the same time and helps your furbaby cool down if the weather is too hot. However, please pay attention to your dog when playing in water. Drinking to much water can lead to water intoxication, so try to contol your dog’s water intake during playtime.

Too much cold?

During summer everyone is talking about keeping dogs cool, but too much cold can be harmful too. If the water or the floor is too cold, it can cause cystitis, which is very unpleasant for the dog. The main symptoms are frequent urination and painful urination. To avoid such health issues you can dry your dog’s fur slightly with a towel. If you are using a cooling mat, check the temperature regularly or cover it with a towel to make it more comfortable – and less cold – for your dog.



Please, keep in mind that this information is for general pet health and well-being only and NOT a substitute for veterinary care. Always consult your vet about an appropriate diet, especially if your pet has health issues.


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